Business Administration, MBA

Business Administration, MBA

Choose from online, hybrid (a combination of online and on campus) or completely on campus at our West Palm Beach Residential Campus, 561-478-5500 and Fort Lauderdale campus, 954-776-4456.

Accelerate your career with Keiser University’s MBA program. The program provides a comprehensive and challenging curriculum designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need for success in today’s competitive business environment. The MBA program fosters independent learning and enables students to contribute intellectually to the business profession. You’ll hone your communication and technical skills, and learn how to develop business solutions by utilizing strong analytical problem solving, team-oriented approaches, and strategic thinking. The core curriculum will cover subjects including accounting, finance, management, and marketing. 

To customize your program to meet your career goals, you can choose to take advanced classes in one of these six areas: accounting, health services administration, international business, management, marketing or technology management. Our faculty members are committed to developing the next generation of business leaders and providing you with resources and support to help you to succeed. Our MBA faculty are all doctorally prepared.


The Keiser Advantage – A Graduate’s Perspective

Becoming the Idea Person

“Keiser University taught me how to realize my full potential……I became the idea person.”

- Dara K.
Keiser University MBA Graduate

Empowered. Unafraid. Ready for Anything.

University Alumni Dara K. shares how Keiser University taught her to realize her full potential, be unafraid and go for the things she wants.