Organizational Leadership, MS

Organizational Leadership, MS

Program Overview

The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership degree at Keiser University challenges students to develop advanced leadership practices, project management, conflict resolution, team building, and communication abilities. Graduates can better perform in leadership roles, improve interpersonal relationships, and develop successful and thriving organizations. This program is aimed at individuals who seek to develop and increase their leadership skills in the contextual areas of their professional lives.

Program Objectives

In the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership degree program, students will learn to demonstrate professional knowledge of:

  • Enhanced awareness and commitment towards assessing the ethical and legal responsibilities of organizations.
  • Cultivating a sense of awareness to examine communication skills in employees.
  • Identifying and interpreting alternatives to solve organizational business problems.
  • Developing a range of leadership skills and abilities such as effectively leading change, resolving conflict and motivating others.
  • Developing and interpreting knowledge of leadership theory and international business concepts theory.

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