Political Science

Political Science

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science explores government policy, processes, political campaigning, political theory, legal studies, and international relations. The degree has a strong liberal arts focus and research focus designed to prepare students for graduate level training in a variety of disciplines along with entry-level work in a host of disparate fields.  This is a broad-spectrum program that introduces students to the general study of the field of political science, and is suited for students with an interest in public policy, foreign affairs, issues in immigration and the environment as well as those seeking an academic foundation for work in political campaigns. 

Program Objectives

Students enrolled in this program can learn the functions of government in American society, explore varying political theories, better understand the role of public opinion on political behavior and analyze the role of mass media in the political system, among other topics. Upon graduation, students can leave with a comprehensive understanding of domestic politics and their influence on international scale.  

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