Curriculum and Instruction, PhD

Curriculum and Instruction, PhD

Program Overview

Keiser University’s PhD in Curriculum and Instruction provides the advanced research, design, teaching, assessment, and professional development skills related to P-20 education. The program is designed for educators who aspire to lead the development of effective curriculum for the 21st century. As a graduate, you will be able to demonstrate real-world and scholarly knowledge that improves the performance of educational institutions.

Program Objectives

This Doctor of Philosophy degree program provides students with the ability to analyze social, historical and policy factors in the development of new curriculum and instruction. Additionally, you will learn to apply effective research processes within the field of curriculum and instruction, including analysis, practical design and reporting. Graduates of this program will demonstrate professional skills in writing through organizing, critical thinking, and communicating ideas and information in presentations, documents, and publications. Graduates will also gain an understanding of political, social, economic, legal and cultural factors in learning and be able to apply best practices for optimal educational outcomes.

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