Educational Leadership, EdS

Educational Leadership, EdS

Program Overview

Keiser University's Education Specialist degree in Educational Leadership prepares reflective scholars and capable professionals who apply theory and method to dynamically improve schools under their leadership and, ultimately, the communities they serve. The program fosters lifelong learning and values leadership, ethical and informed decision making, diversity, program evaluation, effective communication, and advancements in technology. A Master's degree is required for admission into the EdS degree in Educational Leadership.

Program Objectives

Upon program completion, students are able to apply leadership theory and ethical, reflective decision making to manage and administer schools and school systems. Students can evaluate and apply best practices in instruction using effective teaching practices, emerging technologies and assessment techniques to achieve optimal educational outcomes. In addition, students are capable of responding to diverse communities of interest to create a safe, efficient and effective learning environment.

Keiser University's EdS in Educational Leadership can enable students to continue to renew and develop expertise in the field of leadership demonstrated by effective written, spoken and digital communication.

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