Joint Master of Science in Education – Master of Business Administration, MSEd-MBA

Joint Master of Science in Education – Master of Business Administration, MSEd-MBA

Program Overview

This joint Master of Science in Education and Master of Business Administration (MSEd-MBA) degree program prepares students to manage and direct educational organizations in areas such as personnel recruitment and development, marketing for higher education, campus operations, and enrollment management. It is designed for career college professionals who aspire to leadership positions in postsecondary education.

Program Objectives

Through use of technology and a curriculum that includes economics, finance, accounting, project management and more, this program helps students develop essential knowledge and skills needed to work as a career college leader. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to assess economic markets and determine their impact on education-related businesses. Students will develop competencies in professional practices such as diversity, ethics, legal issues, and communication with all education and business stakeholders. Graduates will show a conceptual understanding of advanced educational theory and practice and be able to critically analyze and solve problems based on applied research methods.

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited post-secondary institution is the prerequisite for this program. Graduates will be awarded the MSEd and an MBA degree.

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