English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Program Overview

Students may begin ESOL courses with very little or no proficiency in English, and the course material is presented in a blended learning format.

Students build grammar, listening, reading and writing skills throughout all four levels of the ESOL courses. Students also engage in classroom activities with their peers and the teacher, in technology-enhanced learning, and in real-world simulations. The software used in the computer lab keeps track of student progress, giving more practice to those having difficulty and advancing more rapidly in areas already learned or learned quickly.

A placement test is given upon enrollment to ensure that students receive the proper level of instruction. There are four levels of instruction available, and each level is eight weeks long.

The ESOL prerequisites for major courses include:

  • ESOL Level 1: Placement test score
  • ESOL Level 2: Successful completion of Level 1 or placement test score
  • ESOL Level 3: Successful completion of Level 2 or placement test score
  • ESOL Level 4: Successful completion of Level 3 or placement test score

Students successfully completing ESOL fourth level may be considered for admission to Keiser University degree programs provided they meet the necessary admissions criteria.

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