Psychology, PhD

Psychology, PhD

Program Overview

Keiser University's Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology degree is a research-based program focused on career advancement in teaching, consulting, administration, or institutional research. The program prepares innovative scholars, researchers, and educators to contribute to the body of knowledge through intensive study in the field of psychology. The program, culminating in a dissertation, builds the foundation for theoretically grounded research and development of knowledge in the study and application of personality, motivation, learning, emotion, and behavior.

Program Objectives

  • Develop an advanced understanding of general psychological principles and theories to include motivation, learning, emotion, and behavior.
  • Evaluate educational and social services program designs to include program evaluation, curriculum development, and assessment strategies.
  • Apply principles of effective research methods, evaluating problems, designing and conducting psychological research, interpreting and evaluating research data, and formulating grounded conclusions to add to the body of knowledge.

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